The Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (AIAU), ‘IoT cluster’ of Poland and Lublin Science and Technology Park are main participants of the common Polish-Ukrainian project ‘The development of IoT clusters collaboration’. The project is funded in the EU’s EaP Plus program and has as objectives large exchanges and the development of common agenda in development of IoT cluster.


Round table 28/03 is oriented to continue the dialogue we started in January in Lublin, by presenting more Ukrainian side and to start the dialogue about common priorities in IoT cluster collaboration:


1. Current status and landscape of IoT innovators Poland – Ukraine:

  1. Clusters & firm presentation.
  2. how it looks like / innovators presentation (UA side).
  3. survey results ‘IoT State 2018’ / benchmarking analysis (1st approach).


2. Development of innovative ecosystems and clusters:

  1. what is ‘right’ ecosystem (cluster) architecture and elements configuration?
  2. Youth startup: what is their status in both countries and how to speed-up their development in industrial applications.
  3. The role of Universities and Science-Technology park.
  4. The role of the State and Regional authorities in development cluster approach.

3. Common area of cooperation and development: the development and fix-up of main priorities.


Planned time of the round table is 28 of March, from 10-00 a.m. till 13-00 p.m.

Place is HUB 4.0 on Podil’s district, st. Yaroslavski, 1/3.

More information about the projects and participants, see аbout the project.


Участь безкоштовна для членів АППАУ та руху 4.0, академічних членів, для інших категорій – оплата 150 грн. Для участі необхідно заповнити реєстраційну форму.

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